Let Our Expertise

Be Your Expertise

Our Core Values


  • We value and foster trust within our workplace to create the best work environment possible.


  • We set high expectations and support each other to drive profitable results for our company and customers.


  • We treat each other with respect and recognize the hard work that every employee contributes.
Our Story


The Stinson family has been tackling some of the Mid-Atlantic’s most challenging underground infrastructure projects for 80+ years. The family business stood the test of time by having the best employees. PipeWay adopted this guiding principle of only hiring the best by taking the utmost pride in its people.

We have joined together as a team to excel as a team.

When a new employee becomes part of our PipeWay team, a true partnership develops. Every new hire must meet a high standard. The PipeWay team strives to further improve every employee by offering to provide the best possible experience and training.

Building on each other’s strengths improves the entire team to meet any challenge. As a result of these solid partnerships, PipeWay provides the best products and services for our clients.

Building on the
Stinson Family Legacy

For more than a decade, the expertise of PipeWay’s tested and proven team has allowed us to execute complex projects in challenging underground work environments.

From relocating utilities at busy hospitals where there’s no room for downtime, to installing distribution piping on large active university campuses – our goal is to provide the highest quality work with minimal disruption.


  • A tested and proven team with years of experience managing complex projects in challenging underground work environments.


  • Detailed planning and established processes are geared to minimize impact on existing infrastructure, organizations, and pedestrians.


  • Stringent safety standards and procedures are followed.
    Training is provided in accordance with OSHA and BGE best practices.

Experts at
Everything You Can’t See

Working underground presents unique challenges. Even with detailed schematics and months of planning, crews may still encounter something no one could foresee. If something unforeseen does come up, you can rest assured our team has seen and done it all before.

Whether it’s the pipelayer in the ditch or the operator of the equipment, they’re partners, and pull from their cumulative experience and training to make effective decisions to keep jobs working efficiently and safely. That expertise sets PipeWay apart from our competition.