Our Services

Even though utility construction is “underground,” our sites are often within congested metropolitan areas that need to function throughout the duration of the project and look as if we were never there when the project is completed.

To complete all work on time and with minimal disruption, our expert team goes through rigorous and detailed planning, so our professional and experienced crews can complete every project with safety and precision.


Steam / Heating & Cooling

Knowledge & Experience

Our deep knowledge of heating and cooling piping assures infrastructure is designed, specified, and routed effectively, resulting in reduced construction costs, accurate scheduling, and optimal pipeline performance.

Integration & Efficiency

Through our years of field experience, we understand how civil and mechanical disciplines work together and how the integrated work is performed. We install and design chilled water and steam pipes for colleges and federal institutions. We are a leader in this market, developing standard construction procedures to assure a quality installation and address site-specific challenges.

Forward Thinking

Through risk mitigating techniques, PipeWay can address potential pitfalls and ensure the project is completed on time and with precision.

Water Pipe Sanitary / Storm

PipeWay employees have installed hundreds of miles of water, sanitary and storm sewers. Our crews have completed projects featuring 36″ sanitary pump around 24″ water main taps, ductile iron up to 36” in diameter and storm drain culverts. Smaller jobs include laterals to homes, water service renewal/upgrades, and pipe repairs.

Builders and owners alike rely on PipeWay to be the “face” of their jobs. Our clean and safe work is the first thing seen by the public, stakeholders, and government officials. We do everything possible to make a seamless interface between public and construction. By contracting with PipeWay, jobsite access stays in the good graces of the Department of Transportation.


Underground Ductbank & Gas Construction

Mile Long Ductbanks

Coppin State University, Towson University, University of Maryland Baltimore, and the Amazon Sorting Facility (Holabird Ave.).

Secondary Services for New Buildings

Anthem House apartments in Locust Point, Fell’s Point Marketplace, Varsity at the University of Baltimore, 3200 St. Paul Street in Charles Village, the Banneker Building on Key Highway, Amore Apollo, University of Maryland College Park, and the Wyman Building at Johns Hopkins.

Trusted by BGE

PipeWay is a BGE contractor with OQ gas personnel. Crews are skilled in bending and routing ductbanks and gas piping in difficult environments and in tight spots. We can modify ductbank conduit configuration and split ductbanks to avoid existing utilities in conflict with work.

A Proven Team

PipeWay draws from a team of personnel that have a proven track-record to install efficiently and with precision.

Urban Utility

Meeting the Demands of Urban Environments

In urban environments underground utilities are often unknown. These conditions can create unexpected shoring and excavation challenges. We’ve met the challenge of working in urban environments time and again.

Wood Shoring Safety Expertise

PipeWay personnel are experts in design and construction of OSHA compliment wood shoring systems, allowing construction in the most congested and difficult underground environments. In many cases, underground conditions preclude the use of any other type of shoring system.

Pick a Location – We Can Shore It

Knowledge of construction means and methods allows us to work in and around existing utility congestion, running sand, deep excavations, pedestrian/vehicular traffic, and specialty utilities.