Fort Meade Water Infrastructure

Installed 3100 feet of 8″ water pipe and nine services at secure location.

More Details

Domestic Water Piping Replacement, Building 9800A

Project Overview
Our firm was contracted to install nine 8” water services as an upgrade of the building’s existing domestic water infrastructure at the secure location.

Our crew’s day-to-day efforts to maintain momentum did not go unnoticed. When the complex was on alert with world and national concerns, our forces secured work locations efficiently without hindrance to key DoD entrances while maintaining safe, clean, quality work. Agency project management frequently cited our crew’s performance on how contractors should oversee their worksite and our perpetual consideration of agency personnel.

Unique Challenges
  • Working within the restricted complex required coordination with multiple other contractors.
  • Authentication of existing utilities was not a simple matter. The usual photographic documentation was prohibited due to security protocol. This hurdle was overcome by our very competent foreman and his exceptional drawing capabilities. Communication between American Water and NSA personnel was successful based on his detailed sketches and ability to convey potential solutions proactively.
  • Working in secure location efficiently while maintaining safe, clean, quality work and without hindering agency personnel.
  • Additional challenges related to the 70-year-old age of the property.
Project Timeline
April 2020 – August 2023
Project Value
$3.5 million