Montebello Water Plant

Tapped 66” water main at working water plant that houses one the of two pipes that supplies water to Baltimore City.

More Details

Montebello Water Plant, Baltimore City

Project Overview
PipeWay renewed the underground pipe infrastructure at the Montebello Water Plant, tapping one of the two water arteries that supply Baltimore City – a main that’s 66” diameter and 18’ deep. PipeWay used our own slide-rail shoring system that allowed us shore 40′ long and 20′ wide for installation of large water drainage structures.

We built a timber wood shoring system for the 66″ main tap.

Project Timeline
October 2019 – June 2021
Project Value
$1.25 Million
Additional Details
  • 520’ of 24” DIP Water line.
  • 66” x 24” water main tap (PCCP).
  • 350’ of 15” RCP with manholes.
  • Water detention system.
  • 150’ sanitary force main.